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Hunter - Good Safari



Good Safari takes it to the next level

Margaret Eby
April 4, 2013

“In the sea of wonderful classical music and musical theater being made at Millikin, it is always good to hear a band that provides something absolutely different. Well, Good Safari, now in its sixth month as a trio of Jake Pearson (vocals, guitar), Jeffrey Bensmiller (drums) and Ryan Martini (bass), offer that completely separate world that allows us to take a short break and let our wild college animal selves free.

‘I can just drink beer, sit in a basement and make music. I don’t have to be high minded about it,’ Martini, the band’s newest member, said. Their music is the kind that makes you want to scream, cheer, jump around, pump your fist and definitely play air instruments with them. ‘We’re wild and crazy, kind of grungy; it’s fun,’ said Jake Pearson, lead singer of Good Safari.” -The Decaturian.

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